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Can you imaging seeing naked guys on public, beautiful school boys nude punishments in locker rooms, young pretty boys naked physicals examinations? And what if they have been touched, groped, masturbated and humiliated?

If you like that then you like what is called CFMN stories – movies with clothed girls usually humiliating or playing with naked men.
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Naked guys swimming

Why naked swimming is called skinny dipping?

Another popular name for swimming naked is “skinny dipping” and it was first recorded in English language in the 1950s. The word “skinny” is archaic and is known since 1573 that mean “having to do with skin” as the body is exposed. By another version in the early 1700’s an immigrant from France with name Oscar Defree used the term “skinny dipping” meaning he is dipping his “skinny” which denoted in slang term a penis. But usually we understand it like dipping into water your body wearing nothing that is bear skin.

Boys forced swimming naked and army draft.

Till early 70’s all boys were forced to swim naked at schools and some suppose that there is a special reason for that. Purportedly there was some type of government program that was aimed to “toughen up” boys who soon were going to be drafted into the army. The program was active from 1940 till the beginning of 1970 when there excited the draft in USA.  The sense was to expose young boys to the such atmosphere that exists in the army, so they do not experience any psychological problems of being naked with other naked guys while swimming, showering or being in locker room together.  So this is a version about the obligatory nude boys swimming in school being a secret military program to get accustomed to the coming soldiers life in the army.

Facts about guys swimming naked at school

Most of YMCAs (Young Men Christian Association) and also many Junior High Schools in USA and English schools like Manchester Grammar School have a rule that men had to be naked to be allowed to swim in the schools’ pools that was true until the early 1970s. But then it disappeared for the reason that women got the permission to attend the swimming pools.

Today it is even lawlessly to force boys swimming nude in the school swimming pools. There was an account that one swimmer trainer did it and then got a sentence.

 Nude boys swimming videos

The bad thing that these times have passed and now young male voyeur have lost great opportunity to enjoy naked boys swimming. Of course those who like to spy for naked guys would be happy if once they come to the swimming pool or sport room all the guys around are walking, training or swimming naked. That dream is hard to be true but not in the CFNM video stories which you can now download with the help of the internet.

In one of the CFNM videos a group of young English students is on a trip to France for international swimming competition. And once they saw that a naked boy is sitting in the girls’ room quite naturally. So they all stripped as well and begin to play a horny pillow fight while getting erected. Needless to say that, the swimming competition went also naked.

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Black sportsmen naked at the doctor’s

A top black sportsman Les Ainsworth goes to attend his annual medical examination. When he comes to the doctor’s cabinet it turns out that instead of his usual doctor there is female Dr Prober who is very eager to examine him thoroughly.

Together with her nurse they strip the athlete and make him perform some of physically taxing tests during which they touch his body taking advantage over him.

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Male naked medical examinations

Male physical examinations can also make horny especially when the guys are getting totally stripped during the process. Not only that they are humiliated by the female doctor and are said to do everything she wants – like butt spanking, examination and probe of asshole and even getting erected and wanking until they cum.

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