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I searched Google for a long time for gay spy cam sites. There were  just a few old sites with familiar content that you can see everywhere. Then I found sneekypeek and understand that this is the best gay voyeur site. It has guys caught on spy camera in the locker room, shower, fitting room, bathroom, toilet and their private homes.

The member home page has the recent videos, recommended galleries and categories to search for video like the gym showers, locker room, urinals and so on. And then you can also view galleries in order of update.

The site has more then 150 videos in WMV of 630×360 with bitrate of 1.5 Mbps. This is good quality comparing with what I saw before. They are not long but this is a voyeur video and it also has slow motion for hot moments. The videos are downloadable and DRM-free (you can watch even if membership is finished).

Most of the guys on the videos are well built – boys and jocks, that is male athletes, lots of football players, and you can see them in sport outfit. I found lots of really good-looking and beautiful guys there!

If you have never signed up to adult membership sites, don’t hesitate it is all secure and your personality will be secret and on the bank statement there won’t be printed “sneakypeek sign up” but the name of the company that bills them, that has no adult meaning in the name.

To sum up, getting more then 150 videos with gay voyeur cams is better then trying to spy guys yourself somewhere – not all there are so sexy and you can get problems if they notice you are studying them.

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