Muscle sportsmen locker room voyeur

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It is rather of average quality but makes very horny as it depicts a real atmosphere of a hidden camera spying in a male locker room that is full of handsome muscle sportsmen changing their clothes.

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Sportsmen locker room spy camera

Sportsmen changing clothes in the locker rooms

Those who are going to attend sport gym for a first time face a locker room cloths changing before the training and of course after when the training is finished. Even if you are not gay it is possible that in locker room as soon as you get naked your dick will start to erect. Or after some time of touching your dick while washing in the shower (as you need to put soap everywhere) it can begin to get hard. How to avoid this problem?

Male locker room nudity vs. sex

The problem is that if you are not used to being nude with other guys it will erect so you must learn not to link being nude with sex. Most of the men have always been undressed in the changing rooms so it is not issue for them. Just spend some time of looking at pictures and photos of other nude guys in locker rooms so you will get used seeing other naked men  in locker room and getting aroused. However boys rarely get hard-ons in the locker room after doing sport so just don’t let it bother you.

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As well, another thing important to know – it is normal for straight guys to check out other naked men in the changing rooms to see what measurements they got. They also like to know if they are larger, smaller, bigger or average an so on, thought they will never admit it.

Another extreme decision is to just run cold water on your getting erected dick in the locker room when you go to the shower.

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If it does not help then you are a real male voyeur! Just hide your erection and enjoy naked boys in the locker rooms! Some male voyeurs even manage to jerk off in the showers (with cabin certainly) so that other men do not notice them.

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A hidden gay camera films several wonderful shots in a sportsmen locker room. Some hot nude young athletes came to the changing room after a shower they took when their football match was finished. So these hot and sexy football players were changing and dressing not knowing they were filmed on spy camera. You can see their wet smooth buts and swinging cocks and balls (specially that big black cock!) when they come in from the showers to get towelled of and put on their training boxers. And they have hairy pubes so they all must be straight.

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Sport guys locker room voyeur gallery

Gay voyeur camera caught lots of strong youthful sportsmen nude in their shower invasions. They just came after a hard football game and these young athletes just want to take off their clothes and go to the warm showers all together.

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Sportsmen locker room gallery

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Short video clip from male locker room:

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Naked athletes in locker room and shower

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Some more male hidden cam clips with nude male athletes in changing rooms and in showers. One of the hidden cams was spying secretly in a hollow wall near the showers in a athletes locker room catching different sportsmen showering naked with almost a hard-ons and then walking in the corridor passing the camera so you can see them all in a close-up.

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law hanging balls in locker room

When you are at locker room with lots of young straight guys changing clothes you always try to sit in the place where it is possible to watch them all secretly. The hottest targets that can make you very horny can be hairy pubes or low hanging balls. You have to put something on your lap to close your dick as it easily becomes erected and then you pretend that you had to write sms or do something else to watch more for nude guys.

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