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Guys showering together

Showering together with other naked men in one shower room
There sometimes arise debates and discussions around guys showering together theme. In the gym there is usually a large shower room without cabins with several shower heads or with open cabins often by the side of the room so you can spy for other naked guys showering in the opposite cabins. Though some guys do not take off briefs but most strip down taking off all the clothes and showering naked without problems.

Feeling uncomfortable with other naked men?

It all depends on how you grew up, if you for example were an only child in the family or grew up in an isolated area where you did not had many friends to bond with so then you will prefer to be private when using bath or showers.

Another reason is that some guys do not like to shower with their friends as they would be talking about everyone’s penis during several years just for a joke everywhere around and it would be strange. But showering with strangers and unknown guys at the gym when doing high school sports or elsewhere is ok in this case.

Lots of guys when studied in the high school and were required to shower with other naked boys hated it as they felt uncomfortable and that lasted for a long time.

But one must keep in mind that there is a big difference between being nude and having sex and only for the reason nude men shower together it does not suppose that you are gay. But it does not mean you won’t like to spy hidden for naked males washing.

Other guys feel quite comfortable showering together with other boys or being naked together on other occasions like living in one place or when growing up in a big family with lots of brothers. Sometimes brothers or specially twins have in habit to go to one bathroom together or even sleep in one bed naked.

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So, sometimes some can ask a question if it is normal for guys to take shower in a one shower room, which is when there are no cabins. The answer is it much depends on how you grew up. If you were an only child in the family and grew up isolated from other guys and got not many friends you can feel strange to shower in one big shower room with other men. Or you will prefer to shower with strangers then your friends.

For those who like to spy for naked men showering together is the perfect chance. However it is not possible to stare at others as you can get problems, so usually you got just a few seconds to glance at others naked guys.

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